Paramedic Recruitment

Paramedic ShirtTo qualify as a paramedic, you must be an Advanced – Emergency Medical Care Assistant (A-EMCA), A-EMCA-pending or a College student anticipating graduating in the next four months.

Becoming a Paramedic with
Middlesex – London Emergency Medical Services

  1. Successfully graduate from a certified Ontario College Paramedic Program receiving a minimum of a Primary Care Paramedic diploma including PCP Autonomous IV
  2. Successfully pass the provincial certification exam (A-EMCA)
  3. Middlesex – London Emergency Medical Services requires that all potential paramedic candidates participate in pre-employment screening and must successfully pass each stage to progress in the recruitment process
  4. Upon employment, new paramedic recruits must successfully complete a certification exam by the South West Ontario Regional Base Hospital Program. This certification will allow the paramedic to perform delegated medical acts under the Medical Director’s authority.