Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine ImageCommunity Paramedicine is a project that has Middlesex-London paramedics providing services that help patients with complex health conditions to live independently in their own homes, while helping to reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital admissions.  The Community Paramedicine project strives to promote a seamless link to appropriate health care services to ensure patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place. 

Services currently provided through the Community Paramedicine pilot project, include:

Paramedic Referral

Gives frontline paramedics the tools to proactively identify and electronically refer patients in need of additional community support services.

Remote Patient Monitoring

An initiative between Canada Health Infoway, Future Health Services, and Middlesex-London EMS, the program is designed to assist patients with underlying chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and diabetes mellitus (DM), to learn to better self-manage their care and improve quality of life and longevity of independence.  The program allows patients to use specialized devices to monitor their vital signs and transmit them to a monitoring paramedic.  Regular follow up and communication of trends to the patient’s family physician promotes coordinated care and  is intended to reduce the number of 9-1-1 calls, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations by frequent users of the health care system.

Eligibility for the program is based on a diagnosis of either COPD, CHF, DM and/or hypertension (high blood pressure), and one of the following may be required: Three 9-1-1 calls, or two Emergency Department visits, or one hospital admission in the past 12 months.

Remote Patient Monitoring Explained (video)

Referral Form

Canada Health Infoway Video "Remote Patient Monitoring:  Keeping Patients at Home"

Digital Health Article - Remote Patient Monitoring:  Less ER, More Peace-of-Mind

Crisis Mobile Team

Allows frontline paramedics to activate the Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex Branch Crisis Mobile Team to respond to a scene and conduct a crisis intervention for those patients suffering from mental health and/or additions issues, in the security of their own home.


211 Ontario

211’s award-winning telephone helpline (2-1-1) and website provide a gateway to community, social, non-clinical health and related government services.  211 helps to navigate the complex network of human services quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 100 languages.  When you don’t know where to turn, turn to 211.  (

CMHA Middlesex

CMHA Middlesex provides community-based mental health programs, housing supports, outreach and education out of locations across London and Middlesex.  Their Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Centre at 648 Huron St., London, is open 24/7 for walk-in crisis assessment and support for anyone over the age of 16 experiencing:

  • A serious mental health or addictions problem
  • A situational crisis
  • Psychosis
  • Risk of self-harm or harm to others
  • Emotional trauma
  • Agitation and sleeplessness
  • Severe depression or anxiety
  • Symptoms of substance use withdrawal and needing support
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Crisis resulting from a gaming/internet disorder or problem gambling.

For more information, call 519-434-9191 or visit 

Reach Out 247

Reach Out is a confidential 24/7 information , support and crisis service for people living with mental health or addictions concerns in Middlesex and London

Webchat on the Reach Out website, or call either 519-433-2023 or 1-866-933-2023.  A team of caring professionals is ready to help. (

Southwest Health Line is an innovative website that puts accurate and up-to-date information about health services at the fingertips of consumers and health care providers across the South West region of Ontario. provides easy access to a reliable source of data, and empowers consumers to find the services they need close to home. (