Middlesex County to receive 22 public defibrillators

Metro Newpaper article by Julian Uzielli

Swimmers at the Dorchester Community Pool are in for a shock. The pool will be receiving a public automatic external defibrillator (AED) next week, part of a multimillion-dollar provincial grant that will put 22 new defibrillators in public spaces across Middlesex County, including London, by December.

Jay Loosley, superintendent of education for Middlesex-London EMS, said the machines are easy to use in an emergency and don’t require training. “They have voice prompts and it walks you through it, and studies show that Grade 2 Americans can use these no problem,” he said.

Middlesex-London EMS will be distributing the machines over the next five months, installing them in schools and community centres. For each unit, 10 people will be trained on CPR so it can be used in conjunction with the defibrillator.

Though the machines are a smaller, simpler version of the equipment used in hospitals, they are just as effective, Loosley said. “When it comes down to it, a shock is a shock, it doesn’t matter if it’s by a $40,000 machine in an ambulance, or a $1,500 AED machine at a public pool,” he said. “Lives have been saved, and there’s always stories of them working and being used, and we definitely want to see them everywhere.”

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